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El Patrón: Vida y Muerte de Pablo Escobar

El Patrón: Vida y Muerte de Pablo Escobar - Luis Cañón M. When I first arrived in Colombia, more than 10 years ago, I didn't speak much spanish. People would ask me "Estas bien?" and I would answer "Esta bien"... you've seen the type, clueless young white North American, lucky to stay alive in such a context. That was I. This Escobar biography was the very first book that I read in espagnol. It wasn't great, and my local friends would make faces every time they saw this particular book (to compare, imagine a foreigner in Quebec reading a Céline Dion biography...ugh) But I chose this book on purpose... I thought it would be somewhat dumb, VERY easy to read, perfect for Clueless French Canadian Me. And boy, did I learn spanish in the 6 months I spent in Cali, Colombia, in the year 2001. My favorite country ever.